Firefox, another Pretoria based company, has been making wood & charcoal braais and open wood fires since 1998. The unique moulded frame on their units has given them a distinctive look much sought after by developers and private clients. In 2006 they commenced making the Infiniti Fires range of trend setting flue-less gas fires, charcoal and gas braais and closed combustion wood stoves. In December 2013 Firefox and Multibraai merged their operations under one roof, looking to blend the strengths of the two companies into a powerful national manufacturer and distributor of fireplaces, braais and extraction systems. We invite you to look through our brochures to see the largest range of South African made fireplaces, braais and extraction systems available from one manufacturer. We feel confident you will find a product to enhance your home.

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Firefox Spit Braai

Firefox make a built in mild steel Spit Braai capable of doing small roasts, up to a sheep on a spit.

Based on their 1200 mm and 1500 mm Deluxe Braais with in addition a motor box, 220 V electrical motor and spit. The motor is capable of handling carcass weights up to 25 kg.

Firefox Deluxe Built-in-Braai

Firefox make a range of 5 built in braais, ranging from 700 mm up to 1500 mm for the serious braaier. They come as standard in mild steel with the moulded frame that has been synonymous with the brand for many years.

The Deluxe range has in addition to the Economy units a charcoal starter, upper and lower door, potjie hook, mild steel warming tray and separate ash tray.

Infiniti 1000 Multifunction Charcoal Braai Mild Steel

This unit is new to our range and has the concept that the mild steel Braai Box will equally well take a gas grill or charcoal option.

This practice is rare in South Africa in that a lot of manufacturers make one Braai Box that takes a gas unit and a same outer size but internally different Braai Box for the charcoal.

Gas Multibraai Built-In-Braai

These built-in braai boxes are available in black mild steel c/w an 80 mm flat steel trim.

The Braai Boxes have an upper and lower door, the latter can be supported on 2 chains to give a working table in front of the braai.

Multibraai Drop In GRILL

These grills are designed to drop into a counter top, very much the same as you would a kitchen hob. They provide a sleek and stylish option to the more traditional braai look. Similar to the Counter Top Grills these Drop In grills are available as a traditional griller or with the optional oven built under.

Multibraai Counter Top GRILL

This gas grill is designed to be installed onto a level platform to support it. This can be a concrete platform outside, in a brick feature chimney; or more typically built in, so that the top of the grill is level with the counter top. This can create a stunning effect on covered patios.

Multibraai Trolley Braais

Our trolley braais use our robust Counter Top Grills complete with ovens and are mounted on a sturdy trolley. They are capable of using accessories such as our Stir Fry Pans, Rotisserie Baskets or the Roasting Dome, making them both a versatile cooker as well as a highly sought after braai.

A 9 kg gas bottle will attach to the trolley making the unit easily moveable.

Multibraai Drum Braai

This mobile gas cooker is ideal for the person who entertains a lot or for the professional caterer. The unit comes standard with a 220v motor capable of handling 25kg in meat weight, and a stainless steel sheep spit c/w 3 meat brackets.

The heavy duty gas burner is quipped with a flexible hose and regulator, enabling you to simply attach a 9kg gas bottle to the trolley, connect the regulator and be cooking.

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